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Paul Poteraşi

21 August 2012
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INS president, Vergil Voineagu, said that the preliminary validated results of the census cannot be used to establish the permanent electoral lists.

The stable population of Romania "is 19,043,767 people"


INS president, Vergil Voineagu. Photo: Agerpress Archive

President of the National Institute of Statistics, Vergil Voineagu, said Monday that stable population of Romania is 19,043,767 people, as regards those who have their habitual residence in Romania.

Vergil Voineagu’s specification comes after the preliminary results of the census were validated and will be submitted to the executive in the first session.

Members of the Central Commission for Census of Population and Housing approved on Monday a series of materials on the conduct of census and validated the preliminary results.

Voineagu Vergil said that, so far, 36,809,562 form census have been processed, representing approximately 48 percent of the total.

Stable population includes
  • Romanian citizens, foreigners or stateless persons residing in Romania, who, at the time of the census were in the country (people present) or were temporarily absent, being at work abroad for more than 12 months;
  • Romanian citizens, foreigners or stateless income for a period of at least 12 months or with the intention of staying for at least 12 months (at work, seeking employment, study, business interests, etc.). which had only residence in Romania;
  • Romanian citizens working abroad on diplomatic or military missions, consular offices and Romanian commercial representation abroad.
INS president said that the figures presented Monday are indicative character only and will not be used in establishing the electoral lists.

"Between the preliminary and final data that will be in the second half of 2013, may or may not occur differences.

"The census data cannot be used to establish permanent electoral lists. Permanent electoral lists for drawing skill are institutions," said the President of INS.

Vergil Voineagu said that INS failed the 2.8 percent of the population census and nearly a million of people.

INS president said that in the case of these individuals will be attempted the recovering of the data through other institutions.

Answering a question on the number of people going abroad, Vergil Voineagu said that to establish this number was introduced a special form, which, however, has taken into account the reviewing people going from place of residence abroad or in another location, after case.

Currently, INS  processed 910,264 of such forms (PPI), but it is not known how many of these people are abroad and how many are left in another place than home, said the INS president.

The meeting of the Central Commission for Population and Housing Census 2011 was convened by the National Institute of Statistics, at the request of the Minister of Administration and Interior, as President of the Commission.

Mircea Duşa added that after the validation of the preliminary census data, these will be entered into the electronic files of the census, and in 2013 will be announced the final results.

INS announced in the release transmitted on February 2 on last year census estimations that approximately 2.8 percent of households could not be reviewed, which is equivalent to about one million people, taking into account the average family in Romania, 2.7 to 2.8 persons.

Provisional data provided by the INS on February 2 showed that stable population of Romania are 19,042,936 people, 910,264 people are abroad on long term from the country and 301,666 people are temporarily present in Romania.
Thus, we recorded a population of 20,254,866 people.

Current statistics population totaled 21,354,396 people on July 1, 2011.

After the previous census in 2002, Romania's population was 21,680,974 people.

Population and Housing Census took place between 20th and 31st  October, 2011.

Translated by Alexandra-Diana Mircea
MTTLC, Bucharest University


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