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Florin Lepădatu

18 Iunie 2022
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The topic of fiscal changes is still under discussion in the coalition



RADIO ROMANIA NEWS - The topic of fiscal changes, recently discussed by the ruling coalition, seems to have led to tensions between political partners, after the Liberals categorically rejected the Social Democrats' initiative to reintroduce progressive taxation.

Today, PSD approved the application of a progressive system of deductions regarding the taxation of salaries and expressed its hope that other proposals will be accepted by coalition colleagues.

Shortly afterwards, however, PNL leader Nicolae Ciuca posted a text on the Internet in which he wrote that it is not healthy and responsible to play with the tax system in times of instability and spoke about responsibility in governing.

Alexandra Cristea followed the messages sent today by the main parties: “Initially, PSD welcomed the decision of the governing coalition to accept its proposal on the application of a progressive system of deductions for salaries below 4.500 lei, so that a 0% tax is reached. In a statement, PSD expressed confidence that the governing partners will also agree with the other two proposals on overtaxing 40% of very high salaries and up to 90% of special pensions that significantly exceed the average pension in Romania. Regarding the contribution for health and education that should be paid by the big companies in Romania, the Social Democrats claim that the measure would ensure the financing in the first two years for the "hot meal in school" program. However, PNL, through the voice of the Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca, president of the party, specified that it is not healthy and responsible to play with the fiscal system in a period of instability. Secondly, the prime minister mentions in a post on Facebook that the entry into force of some measures, which may later fail the test at the RCC, means damages paid from the state budget. He also says that PNL will not support any measure that will suffocate the business environment, the vital engine of the economy. The exchange of remarks between the governing partners PSD-PNL comes against the background of the discussions that take place during this period regarding the possible amendments to the Fiscal Code."

Translated by: Radu Matei

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