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16 Octombrie 2020
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Tablets for students



The tablets for students in Bucharest, from the first batch of devices purchased by the Ministry of Education, arrived yesterday in all sectors of the Capital - said Minister Monica Anisie, who explained that the distribution was delayed by two weeks.

These are over 8.000 tablets that have been taken over by the General School Inspectorate since September 26, but due to the large number of employees in isolation or with health problems, they could not be immediately directed to the sector inspectorates.

Bucharest is approaching the threshold of incidence of infection with the new coronavirus - three cases per thousand inhabitants, which sets in motion the transition of all schools to online courses exclusively. Two days ago the number was 2.82 and it currently remains the same.

Education officials also said that, so far, about 26.000 tablets have been allocated in Arges, Mures, Prahova and Ilfov, and in the coming days the distribution system of the second batch of government purchased tablets - 250.000 - will be fine-tuned.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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