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Florin Lepădatu

13 Mai 2019
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Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership, COHOM, Energy attaches, European Cluster Conference.

Romania's EU Council Presidency: Events 13-17 May



Romania’s EU Council Presidency continues, this week, its series of events. Bucharest hosts conferences and meetings that cover some of the themes of interest and priorities that have been set for its six month mandate (January-June 2019).

RRA Reporter Carmen Gavrilă: "Given the special attention the Romanian EU Presidency has for the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership, there will be a conference where participants will try to identify - based on the experience of Central and Eastern European states - encourage and support a greater involvement of the new generation of leaders from the immediate neighborhood of the European Union, in the European and Euro-Atlantic future of their countries, by promoting a real commitment to European values in close cooperation with civil society and the media. As another priority of the Romanian EU Presidency is Education, Bucharest will hold the 7th meeting of the Asian-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Ministers of Education. Theme: linking education, inclusion, mobility and excellence in support of sustainable development goals. Event will bring together representatives from 30 European countries, 21 from Asia, the European Union and the ASEAN Secretariat".

Other scheduled events for this week:

Informal Meeting Working Party on Human Rights (COHOM): 13-14 May 

Meeting of the working group on Administrative Cooperation in the field of European Recreational Boating Industry: 13-14 May

Foreign Affairs Council: 13 May 

Informal Meeting of energy attaches: 13-14  May

European Spartan 2019 Exercise: 13-24 May 

European Cluster Conference: 14-15 May 

30 Years on: Lessons from the Past, Challenges of the Present, Inspiration for the Future:14-15 May 

Foreign Affairs Council (Defense):14 May 

Agriculture and Fisheries Council: 14 May 

Source:RRA, by Miruna Matei

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