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Diana Surdu

18 Decembrie 2017
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Hundreds of Romanian judges and prosecutors have protested today in Bucharest and in several cities, against the changes in the laws of Justice.

Romanian judges and prosecutors protest against Justice laws changes


  Photo:Diana Surdu

Hundreds of Romanian judges and prosecutors have protested today in Bucharest, in front of the Palace of Justice, and in several cities across Romania, against the changes in the laws of Justice, a process they consider as non-transparent.

This is the first time in recent years when Romanian magistrates disagree with the measures adopted by the legislative power.

Protests took place in Cluj, Constanţa, Brăila, Galaţi, Braşov, Piteşti and Bucharest.

In Bucharest, around 500 magistrates gathered in front of the Palace of Justice.

RRA Reporter Diana Surdu: Judges, prosecutors, justice auditors protested silently, for almost an hour, on the stairs of the Palace of Justice. Magistrates are from Bucharest, but also from several counties, coming from Courts and Prosecutors' Offices. Some of them had their robes in their hands; they are not allowed to wear these robes, except for Court sessions and ceremonies.

Magistrates are unhappy with the changes to the laws of Justice and Criminal Codes. They said they came for their career, for a dignified Justice and for an invitation to dialogue.

This is the first time that magistrates are protesting against legislative changes and not for their wage rights. Asked if it is illegal to protest, magistrates replied that by law they are only forbidden to strike.

Also today, the Chief of Romania's Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), Mariana Ghenea, asked the Speaker of the Special Commission for the Justice Laws, Florin Iordache, to offer the Council some time to consult the magistrates' body, in order to amend the proposals that target to change the criminal codes, currently in parliamentary debate.

The Chief of the CSM warns that the reactions within the system must send a signal to the entire society and especially to the legislative initiator.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


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