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Elena Postelnicu, Corespondent RRA în Italia

21 Martie 2018
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First edition of the ABU-RAI Days: “Innovation Meets Culture. Digital Media and Cultural Heritage”.

Radio Romania Director General at ABU-RAI Digital Innovation Days in Rome


  Radio Romania PDG ,Georgică Severin (left) and ABU President, dr. Javad Mottaghi (right). Photo: Radu Croitoru.

Representatives of a wide variety of media institutions have gathered, on 20-21 March in Rome, Italy, for the 1st edition of the ABU-RAI Days: “Innovation Meets Culture. Digital Media and Cultural Heritage”, co-organized by the Italian Public Service Broadcaster (RAI) and Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).

Two-day forum aims to offer participants the opportunity to get the latest developments on global trends in digitization and market convergence. On the special occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018, the event also aims at showcasing the best practices and digital tools developed by broadcasters to revitalize their cultural identities and heritage.

Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company (Radio Romania) is represented at the event by its President Director-General, Georgică Severin.

RRA Reporter Elena Postelnicu, Rome:  Mr. President, Radio Romania too is present at this conference.

Georgică Severin: "This symposium, organized by ABU - Asia Broadcasting Union and RAI, has a very important role, because it addresses some concerns that are also in the attention of Radio Romania. If yesterday a great deal was discussed about digitization, an important project for us and we hope that by the end of the year Radio Romania will broadcast in DAB +, today we have discussed a topic where we think we still have a lot to work on in Romania, namely protection of cultural heritage. Even now, as we speak, there is a panel that outlines the way public media from various countries in Europe and Asia are making efforts to get involved in protecting cultural heritage. Here in Rome, where there is an abundance of unique world heritage, I have found out things that I have to admit I wasn’t aware of. For example, the fact that there is a Police department subordinate to the Ministry of Culture, which deals with the protection of cultural heritage. Perhaps it would not be a bad idea if this example would be taken over by Romania too. But most importantly, it has become clear that the public media, besides the role of information, education and entertainment, also have to undertake a number of public missions. And protecting the heritage is one of them".

RRA Reporter: Radio Romania has been collaborating for many years with Radio RAI, Italian national radio.

Georgică Severin: "We have been working together for many years, indeed. I was glad to find people of Romanian origin who work here at RAI, and who have helped us in setting an important and interesting agenda for our delegation. We also have here the Radio Romania Cultural Manager, Radu Croitoru, who came to Rome immediately after the success of Radio Romania Cultural Gala, because I believe that Radio Romania Cultural should also take on an important role in this respect. But also very important is the fact that there are currently being taken steps in building a bridge between the Asian area - ABU - and Europe. And if so far, maybe, the main promoter of this bridge was Radio Romania, I think the fact that RAI has joined this initiative confirms the globalization of the public media phenomenon".

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


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