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14 Ianuarie 2020
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Florea: We need a serious analysis on this subject.

Mayor of Târgu Mureş for evaluation of couples who want to have children


Mayor of Târgu Mureş, Dorin Florea, has suggested on a Facebook post that he would like to set up social investigations in case of couples wishing to have children, in order to avoid situations where children are brought to the world only for their parents to have a source of income, namely the allowance.

For this affirmation, Mayor of Târgu Mureş has been summoned for a hearing at the National Council of Combating Discrimination. 

Mayor Dorin Florea: I am absolutely responsible and I know very well what I said! Things have to become very clear: we need a serious analysis on this subject.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei

Etichete Consiliul Naţional pentru Combaterea Discriminăriiprimarul municipiului Târgu MureşDorin Florea

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