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15 Iunie 2021
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Klaus Iohannis: statement at the NATO summit



The security situation in the Black Sea area remains a concern, and the recent massing of Russian troops and military equipment at the border with Ukraine and in the illegally occupied Crimea is clear evidence of this, President Klaus Iohannis said at the NATO Summit yesterday.

It is important for allies to increase support and assistance for partners in the eastern neighborhood, the Romanian president also told heads of state and government from Alliance member states, who included in the final declaration of the summit references to support sovereignty and territorial integrity in Ukraine, Georgia and in the Republic of Moldova, as well as NATO support for democratic reforms in the Republic of Moldova. In this context, President Iohannis also spoke about the NATO anti-missile shield, hosted by Romania also, reiterating that it has an exclusively defensive character.

Klaus Iohannis: This shield is often brought up by Russia, but I think this discussion is welcome in order to reiterate that this shield is purely defensive. Even the part we have, from Deveselu, has only a defensive role. We do not intend to attack anyone with this shield, but we are very determined to defend our states, and that is why we accepted, at that time, the installation of a component of this shield in Romania as well.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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