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9 Mai 2019
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Unity is the basic principle on which future of the European Union will be built, according to the Draft "Sibiu Declaration".

EXCLUSIVE RADIO ROMANIA: Draft "Sibiu Declaration"


  Sibiu. Photo:

Unity is the basic principle on which future of the European Union will be built, according to the Draft "Sibiu Declaration", obtained exclusively by Radio Romania from European sources.

Document is to be adopted today by EU Heads of State and Government gathered at the informal summit in Sibiu.

"Sibiu Declaration"  includes 10 commitments and starts with a promise to defense one Europe, and recalls the fight for freedom that led to the fall of the Iron Curtain 30 years ago.

Moreover, the document notes, in strong terms, that there is no place for divisions that work against EU's collective interest. Leaders also promise that Member States will be united, through thick and thin, showing each other solidarity in times of need, and speak with one voice and always look for joint solutions, in a spirit of understanding and respect.

„We will continue to protect our way of life, democracy and the rule of law (...) and we will always uphold the principle of fairness, whether it be in the labour market, in welfare, in the economy or in the digital transformation. We will further reduce disparities between us and we will always help the most vulnerable in Europe, puttin people before politics”, text of Declaration states. 

European leaders are committed to providing the Union with the necessary means to attain its objectives and carry through its policies.

As regards the place of Europe in the world, Declaration underlines a priority of the Roman Presidency of the Council of the European Union, namely increase of EU's overall role.

This is because EU Heads of State and Government are committed for a Europe that will be a responsible global leader who will continue working with international partners to uphold and develop the rules-based international order.

„This is the spirit of Sibiu and of a new Union at 27 Member States ready to embrace its future as one” – is the end of Draft „Sibiu Declaration”.

Source:RRA, European Council


Etichete Proiectul Declaraţiei de la Sibiupresedintia romaniei la consiliul uesibiusummit,

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