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Arina Petrovici

31 Mai 2018
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European Parliament adopted a resolution calling on the European Council to approve the accession of the two countries.

EP: "Romania and Bulgaria are ready to join the Schengen Area"


  Photo: video capture.

Bulgaria and Romania are ready to join the Schengen area, European Parliament reiterated on 30 May and called on the Council to approve their accession.

In a resolution adopted by 439 votes in favor, 157 against and 80 abstentions, MEPs condemned the prolongation of controls at the internal borders of the Schengen area, restricting freedom of movement among its 26 Member States.

Gathered in plenary in Strasbourg, the House condemns the continued reintroduction of internal border checks due to European asylum system gaps and lack of political will, solidarity and responsibility sharing.

According to the document, Member States should strengthen cooperation, solidarity and mutual trust in the functioning of the Schengen Area, which is "one of the greatest achievements of the European Union".

If all countries were to reintroduce border controls permanently, the 10-year cost would be around €100-230 billion - warns the European Parliament.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


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