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Oana Bâlă

28 Septembrie 2012
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The Members of the Supreme Defense Council approved the "gradual realization concept of air defense capability".

CSAT has approved the acquisition of multirole aircraft


Romanian Army has limited capacity to perform the tasks which incumbent upon it, warned the Supreme Defense Council, which urged the government to present a program to restore the capacity to fight.

CSAT has approved the acquisition of multirole aircraft to replace its fleet of Russian MiGs. On the Council agenda appear also the discussion regarding a strategy for restoring the credibility of Romania.

The Members of the Supreme Council of National Defense reached on Wednesday the conclusion that the Romanian Army has limited capacity to perform the tasks which incumbent upon it and decided that the next meeting of the executive to present a program of restoring the capacity to fight.

However, the Defense Minister, Cornelius Dobritoiu, presented the steps taken to initiate the 'Air Force multirole plane' program and CSAT members approved the concept of gradual realization air defense capability within this program.

Romania has as strategic objectives for the next 20-25 years the purchase of Vth generation aircraft, as stated some time ago by the Defense Minister, who also said that the transition should be made with the cheapest costs, so that we do not lose money by purchase a structure of different aerodrome when it goes to the fifth generation.

He stated that both the F 16 and F 35 plane use the same infrastructure of airport and the same armament package, which means significant savings in the budget of poor countries.

The Defense Minister also mentioned that the F 16 aircraft will be purchased from Portugal, and the price for the 12 second-hand equipment will be about 600 million dollars, amount which must be paid within five years.

The multirole aircraft

According to Romanian Air Force site, a multi-role aircraft must meet the following requirements:

-maximum effectiveness in the modern battlefield conditions;

-flexibility in performing tasks with the possibility to change the mission during the flight;

-increased survival capability within hostile environment, under electronic warfare;

-increasing the number of outputs per unit time, by reducing the recovery times for flight and combat capacity;

-increase the flight safety;

-operating and maintenance cost low during the lifetime;


-open architecture to provide opportunities for further modernization, flight and maneuver special qualities.

Fight capability

Within the CSAT meeting the state of the Romanian Army was analyzed, putting into question the ability to fight during peacetime and war, as well as the participation in international missions.

Another topic on the agenda of the meeting was the assessment of risks, threats and vulnerabilities to national security, as a basis for preparing the "National Plan for Information Priorities for 2013".

On the Council agenda also featured the discussion of a strategy to restore the credibility of Romania, but the press release issued after the meeting does not mention anything about it.

The prime minister left Cotroceni Palace before the end of CSAT meeting. He did not provide details to press about his departure.

We know that he went to the center of government, where ministers came and attended the CSAT meeting, but there isn’t any official information on discussions held at Victoria Palace.

The Chief Executive left the CSAT meeting after less than an hour from the beginning of the meeting without being explained his gesture.

Translated by Alexandra-Diana Mircea
MTTLC, Bucharest University

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