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23 Iunie 2022
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Buildings with seismic risk - consolidated with money from the state budget



Buildings with high seismic risk, owned or managed by individuals, companies or public authorities and institutions, can be consolidated with money from the state budget, according to a bill adopted today by the Chamber of Deputies, as a decision-making body. The document provides for the launch of a four-year program, with a financing of one billion lei, for the rehabilitation of buildings.

Iulia Gherman reports: The program is provided for buildings with at least three floors and at least 10 apartments, with a high risk of total or partial collapse in the event of an earthquake. The measure also applies to the attics of multi-storey buildings. According to the bill, the consolidation is done with money from the state, which should not be returned if these properties are not sold for 25 years, in the case of spaces used as housing, and 10 years for those with other purposes. Owners or administrators who decide to dispose of rehabilitated buildings prematurely will be required to return the full amount received. The financing of the works is approved on the basis of several documents that must be submitted to the Ministry of Development and certifies, among other things, the critical condition of the building. At the same time, the new bill prohibits the renting of apartments in buildings with a red dot and penalizes non-compliance with the measure, with fines of up to 75.000 lei. The technical expertise on these buildings must be completed by 2026.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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