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31 Iulie 2021
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Budget rectification: Under what conditions do ministries receive funding



RADIO ROMANIA NEWS Producer: Cristina Grecu: A decision to dismiss the CFR leadership belongs to the Ministry of Transport, Prime Minister Florin Citu declared today in Tulcea. In this context, he expressed dissatisfaction that many state institutions have not reduced spending and said that the budget rectification will not provide funds to ministries that continue to do so.

Florin Citu: There is a lot of talk about a reform, but we have not seen spending cuts in state institutions so far. And as I said at the beginning of the year, those state-owned companies which do not show that they will reduce costs will not receive extra money for this rectification, this is something I will stick to. We have to show Romanians that we cannot go on with the same waste of money that these companies got used to during the time of the PSD members. We should not allow ourselves to change the leader, but to keep everything else the same, the same expenses. So, therefore, I want good results because we are here for Romanians and this is Romanian money.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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