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24 Octombrie 2021
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A WHO delegation will arrive in Timisoara



Host: A delegation of the World Health Organization will arrive in Timisoara on Monday, during a larger visit in Romania. WHO specialists will have meetings, for three days, with doctors from the Infectious Diseases Hospital, with representatives of the City Hall, the Public Health Directorate and the Prefecture. The commission wants to know why there are so many infections. Doctor Virgil Musta says that the large number of infections has been reached because the population has not been vaccinated against COVID and has not complied with health protection measures.

Virgil Musta: The vaccination rate is low, which makes the large number of infections lead to severe forms of the virus. Statistics show that in countries with a high percentage of vaccinated people the death rate is low, 0.1%, and where the number of unvaccinated people is below 50%, the death rate exceeds 3-4%. Unfortunately, we are in this situation.

Host: Doctor Virgil Musta is of the opinion that a so-called lockdown is a decision that must be made by specialists in public health policies, because it involves not only the medical system, but also economic and social factors.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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