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Florin Lepădatu

16 Iunie 2022
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Transfagarasan, accessible for tourists



RADIO ROMANIA NEWS - Transfagarasan is again accessible for tourists who want to travel by car.

The reopening of traffic took place two weeks earlier than usual, due to the favorable weather conditions, and the interest for this second highest asphalt road in Romania is growing, according to the spokesperson of the Regional Directorate, Robert Elekes.

Robert Elekes: "When I was there, the road was still closed. We were inspecting and a column of dozens of motorcyclists from all over Europe had already gathered. We saw Czechs, French, Poles, Germans, Austrians, and everyone was waiting for the road to be opened. During the weekends, there are certainly several thousand cars in transit. The traffic was reopened including on the area between Balea Cascada, in Sibiu County and Piscul Negru, in Arges County. From now on it is possible to drive on the whole section, but not without any restrictions. Drivers probably know that traffic is still closed at night between 9pm and 7am."

Given that columns of cars are forming during the weekend, especially in the Balea Lac area, and because there are no gas stations on the route, drivers are advised to refuel before entering Transfagarasan.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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