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21 Decembrie 2020
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The revolutionists from Timisoara commemorated the heroes shot in 1989



The revolutionists from Timisoara commemorated, yesterday, the 42 heroes shot on December 17, 1989 in the city where the Revolution which led to the overthrow of the Ceausescu regime began.

The people made a pilgrimage from Timisoara to Bucharest, in memory of the martyrs whose bodies were brought and cremated at the "Ash" crematorium in the capital, 31 years ago, on December 20.

Ioan Banciu from the Association of the Descendants of the Martyr Heroes of Timisoara says that although so many years have passed since the Revolution, justice has not yet been done.

Ioan Banciu: Some actions have been taken in Timisoara, but nothing has been done in the whole country so far. The truth about what happened during the Revolution is still awaited. The culprits, the criminals of December '89, still exist among us. They butchered us in Timisoara, all over the city, on the 17th, and on the 20th the bodies were stolen and brought to the crematorium, burned and thrown into that manhole.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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