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Cătălin Purcaru

6 Mai 2022
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The Ministry of National Defense is recruiting professional soldiers



The Ministry of National Defense is currently recruiting professional soldiers in the Romanian Army.

There are over 1.000 places available in 33 counties and in Bucharest. Registration is open until June 17, and experts say these positions could be the first step in a military career. Salaries can reach 4.000 lei.

Those interested in a military career can enroll in the military centers to which they belong. They must be between 18 and 45 years old and have completed at least 10 school years.

Enrolled candidates will be scheduled for psychological evaluation and physical training, and subsequently for medical examination.

Those admitted will follow a specific training period of about five months, and at the end will sign a contract with the Ministry of National Defense.

The salary can reach up to 4.000 lei, depending on the chosen specialization, seniority and specific conditions. Becoming a professional soldier in the Romanian Army can be the first step in a military career, says the Chief of Staff at the Bucharest Zonal Military Center, Major Claudiu Panait:

Major Claudiu Panait: Professional graduate soldiers are a source of training for non-commissioned officers in activity by completing one-year post-secondary military education courses or the training course for active non-commissioned officers.

Florin, a 21-year-old man, is one of those who wants to wear a military uniform:

Florin: Since I was a child, I liked the uniform, I would like to defend the peace in which I was born and it's also a financial security, meaning I know for sure that I have a job, I have a stable income.

1049 places are available in 33 counties and in Bucharest. In addition, special forces forces put 30 positions up for competition.

Further details on this topic can be obtained on the website.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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