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Carmen Vulcan, Sibiu

9 Iunie 2018
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Until 17 June, over 3300 artists and guests from 73 countries will present more than 525 events in over 70 venues.

Sibiu International Theater Festival: 8-17 June


City of Sibiu hosts, until 17 June, the 25th edition of the International Theater Festival, the biggest event in Romania dedicated to performing arts, and one of the most important in Europe.

For over 10 days, over 3300 artists and guests from 73 countries will present more than 525 events in over 70 venues: shows, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, reading shows, book launches and movie screenings.

First day of the anniversary edition of Sibiu International Theatre Festival was marked by full performance halls and a sea of people gathered to watch the installations prepared by Compagnie Carabosse from France, which were installed in the Large Square, Cetății Park and Astra Park. The outdoor performances held in the new performance space, Habermann Market, were also attended by an impressive number of spectators.

Today, 9 June, one of the most expected events has been the meeting between Octavian Saiu and Hideki Noda (artistic director of Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre) at Habitus Bookshop.

Gigi Căciuleanu's performance, "Aller-Retour", a collaboration between Gigi Căciuleanu's Romania Dance Company - Bucharest & Karma Dance Project Paris, is scheduled for 6 PM at Thalia Hall.

Within the American Democracy Series, at the Land Forces Academy, there will be a performance of "The Illiad" - a special performance for NATO military forces, followed by an audience discussion moderated by Octavian Saiu.

"Möbius", scheduled at 9 PM, at the Fortified Church in Cisnădioara, is part of the multidisciplinary project "Poetic Invasions of the Cities", which utilizes the artistic competencies and the strategic resources related to outdoor performances to develop innovative ways, involving a heterogeneous staff that is capable of transmitting the joy of more cultured artistic expressions to urban audiences in a readily accessible and popular fashion. Symphonic music, ballet and different types of theatre are reinterpreted and presented in a new way to the public of all social classes, outside the usual performance venues, bringing the performing arts in new spaces, searching for an unusual way of reaching a new public and shaping it through EU-specific actions.

"The Scarlet Princess", a production of "Radu Stanca" National Theatre - scheduled for 9, 10 and 14 June, directed by Silviu Purcărete - is based on an original script which uses as a starting point the kabuki play of Tsuruya Nanboku the 4th. 

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Tickets for FITS 2018 can be purchased at the Theatre Agency (Nicolae Bălcescu Street, no. 17) during the festival, between 9 AM and 8 PM, and the Info Desk can be found in the same place with the same hourly schedule. Online tickets and more information about the scheduled performances can be found at Tickets purchased online from the festival's website have the same price of those from the Theatre Agency. Prices for tickets purchased directly from the platform vary depending on the customers’ printing and shipping options.

Source:RRA, by Miruna Matei



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