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19 Aprilie 2019
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Romania’s EU Council Presidency (January-July 2019) has managed to push forward, in the first 100 days, 90 pieces of EU legislation.

Romania’s EU Council Presidency: Fact sheet of first 100 days



Romania’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union (January-July 2019) has managed to push forward, in the first 100 days, 90 pieces of EU legislation that bring large benefits to the lives of all Europeans (80 files concluded and 10 common understandings reached on the EU’s long-term budget), announces.

Romania’s EU Council Presidency stands for convergence and cohesion in Europe by advancing files on topics such as Digital Single Market, EU gas market, Banking Union, as well as by striving for transparent and predictable working conditions, or reduction of CO2 emissions from trucks. 

By promoting files which improve the security of ID cards, that strengthen the European Border and Coast Guard, Romania wishes to build a safer Europe. Common European values are guaranteed through files on whistleblowers or better work-life balance. 

The 15 files negotiated on Brexit ensure a smooth transition to EU27 and take the necessary measures in case of a no-deal Brexit. 

Infographic: EU progress on legislative files under Romanian Presidency of the EU Council:

Etichete Preşedinţia României la Consiliul UE,


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