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Florin Lepădatu

19 Octombrie 2021
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President Klaus Iohannis once again calls on the population



RADIO ROMANIA NEWS - President Klaus Iohannis once again called on the population to be vaccinated against COVD-19 and to comply with health protection measures, after new records of infections and deaths were registered on Tuesday.

The head of state convened a meeting on Wednesday with all government officials involved in managing the pandemic, to establish clear, restrictive measures - the only ones that can reduce the spread of infections.

Oana Bala with a summary of the president's statement: "The fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be more aggressive than predicted, and its preparation, amid a slow-moving vaccination campaign, was deficient", said President Klaus Iohannis. The head of state considers that in order to stop this wave of infections, urgent measures are needed in order to stop the intense community transmission, any other issues take a back seat - the Romanian president added.

Klaus Iohannis: I have decided to convene a meeting tomorrow with all government officials involved in the management of the pandemic, in order to establish clear, restrictive measures, the only ones that can reduce the spread of infections at this time. It is a time of suffering, a national drama of terrible proportions. However, we have no choice but to overcome it. The number one priority at this time is to save the lives of our fellow human beings, to protect the health of the vulnerable and the sick.

Vaccination is the only solution to stop the pandemic - President Klaus Iohannis also said and urged Romanians again to wear masks, avoid congestion and keep social distance."

Translated by: Radu Matei 


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