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Alex Olaru

22 Martie 2012
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Articles from dailies România Liberă, Adevărul. Jurnalul Naţional, Evenimentul Zilei, Curierul Naţional and Ziarul Financiar.

National Press Review, March 22


Boldea could have left the country ten times already. He had immunity”, we read in ROMÂNIA LIBERÃ. The deputy accused of leading several illegal groups has had the chance to escape from the investigators for five days – five days in which no one was entitled to stop him.

This case brings back into discussion a legitimate issue: how easily influential people can get away.

“The District Attorney Cãrare showed Boldea the way”, ADEVÃRUL also writes. The deputy is missing, and the attorney from the Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Department in Galati, in charge of the case, did nothing to stop him.

No one was watching him; the borders were simply open to him, even though he had been charged for twelve serious offences since Friday.

About the same wanted deputy we read in JURNALUL NATIONAL: “Mihai Boldea wanted to be a police officer”.

Jurnalul discovered his “romanced autobiography” in an old edition of the local newspaper dating back around 2005, in which the author wrote that Boldea “is working out at the gym daily, owns a gas pistol as well as an Aikido black-belt, he doesn’t smoke nor drink coffee, he climbs mountains” etc.

In addition, we find out how he became the lawyer for people involved in illegal activities and why he went into politics. The front page of EVENIMENTUL ZILEI headlines: “The wise guys got burnt!”.

The renegotiation of cheap energy contracts conducted by the Ministry of Economy has put them into red alert. For a month, the “wise guys”have been trying to stop these actions through various methods.

The Ministry of Justice claims that all the contracts for cheap gas can easily be terminated and will be thoroughly analysed in the following days. CURIERUL NATIONAL sheds light on a worrying phenomenon: “Counterfeit drugs”.

The counterfeit drug market is growing in Romania as well, recently reaching one hundred million euro. The drugs which are no longer being produced can be found on the internet, but only their name is real.

They contain chemicals which should not even be in the original drug. How to avoid counterfeits: firstly, do not buy off the Internet, and, secondly, do not be fooled by incredible discounts.

In ADEVÃRUL we read about “The story of a pretend pensioner who never worked a day in his life”.

A man from Alba has been receiving a pension worth a little over one thousand lei for three years, although he has never owned a work card and has never contributed to the pension system. This is just one case out of many more.

The people in question were able to cash in pensions which they were not entitled to by means of fake identification documents.

JURNALUL NATIONAL tells us that today, in Bârlad, there are going to be protests against shale gases, after Chevron business giant has announced it is making preparations to mine in Romania.

The newspaper lists the dangers that have determined other countries to forbid the mining procedure which is going to be used in our country.

The organisations are discussing the increased accident risks, the degradation of land and the contamination of groundwater with toxic mixtures.

On March 25 , the flights from Bãneasa will be moved to the Otopeni airport.

“6.600 additional passengers will pass through Otopeni daily after the low-cost airplane transfers”, we find out from ZIARUL FINANCIAR.

This change will provoke a war between the low cost and the big airline companies, involving sabotage and attempts to win clients over to their side.

Translated by: Cristina Baciu,

MA Student, MTTLC, Bucharest University

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