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Ştefan Baciu

26 Februarie 2013
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At Baile Olanesti were conducted the national chess championships. At female, Cristina Foisor is a clear winner, and at tournament open won the grand master Constantin Lupulescu.

Lupulescu Constantin, national champion in chess again


Grandmaster Constantin Lupulescu. Photo: Stefan Baciu.

Grandmaster Constantin Lupulescu won the national Chess championship in 2013, after 11 rounds held in Baile Olăneşti.

This is the third time when the player legitimated at Luxten Timisoara club wins the championship, the first victories being recorded in 2007 and 2010.

Lupulescu Constantin gained 8.5 points, an equal score with the international master Lucian Miron, but with a better score on tiebreaker criteria in such situations set by the Romanian Chess Federation.

Constantin Lupulescu is ranked fourth in the last ELO rating list announced by the International Chess Federation, with 2612 points after the great masters Dieter Nisipeanu, Mircea Pârligras and Levente Vajda.

The complete ranking chess Championship 2013, open tournament, can be found here.

Clear victory for women

At female, the championship was won by Cristina Foisor, who convincingly defended the title this way. With 7,5 points she gained one point more than the following classes.

Cristina Foisor is the 5th Champion title and at the third in a row.

With 2389 ELO points, Cristina Foisor ranks second on the list of the Chess FIDE players in Romania after Corina Peptan.

Constantin Lupulescu and Cristina Foisor manage to reiterate the performance from three years ago, when both of them won the national championships in chess.

The complete ranking of 2013 Championship chess, women's tournament, can be found here.

Translated by Alexandra-Diana Mircea
MTTLC, Bucharest University


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