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27 Septembrie 2017
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The three F-16s will complete the squadron of 12 aircraft of the kind of the Romanian Army. There are discussions for the purchase of another 36 such aircraft in the years to come.

Last three F-16 Fighter Jets arrive in Bucharest


F-16 Fighter Jets. Photo: Catalin Purcaru.

The last three F-16 Fighter Jets which will complete the number of 12 such military aircraft in the capacity of the Romanian Army will arrive to Bucharest. State Secretary at the Romanian Ministry of National Defense, Mircea Duşa, and Air Force Chief of Staff, Laurian Anastasof, will attend the takeover ceremony, organized in the Air Base of Monte Real, Portugal.

The planes have been upgraded by the Portuguese Government. In the years to come, the Romanian Army might purchase another 36 such military aircraft.

Romanian Defense Minister Mihai Fifor said that in the meetings he has had on his recent visit to the United States he expressed interest for a technology transfer and for the revival of the Romanian Defense Industry.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


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