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Florin Lepădatu

6 Decembrie 2018
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Romanians are the most religious among Europeans, 55% of whom are declared "very religious".

Romanians are the most religious among Europeans


Romanians are the most religious among Europeans, 55% of whom are declared "very religious", states a study by Pew Research Center, released on Wednesday and taken over by German Press Agency DPA.

According to the Pew Research Center's country profile, 50% of Romanians (4th place) say that religion is very important in their lives, 50% (2nd place) say they attend religious service at least once a month, 44% (3rd place) that they pray daily and 64% (fourth place) that they are absolutely sure God exists.

Overall, for Europeans religion is less important than for Africans, Latin America or the United States, survey reads, which also shows great differences among the 34 European countries that have been analyzed.

While in Italy, 27% of respondents consider themselves to be very religious, only 12% of respondents in Germany gave the same answer.

The lowest percentage of people declaring very religious were registered in Estonia (7%), Czech Republic and Denmark (both with 8%).

Germans are also the most skeptical about religion, only 10% of them say they are "absolutely certain" of God's existence.

By comparison, 79% of Armenians are "absolutely sure" that God exists and 73% of Bosnians agree to this statement.

Study also shows that the country where most people go to church is Poland, where 61% of respondents said they went to church at least once a month, Agerpres reports.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei

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