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Mario Balint

14 Mai 2018
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Romania is the only NATO country with a military flotilla on the Danube.

Romanian Danube Flotilla: success of training mission


  Photo: Mario Balint.

Militaries aboard river monitor vessel F-46 “Ion C. Brătianu” and armoured patrol boat F-180 "Rovine" have ended a week-long training mission and have now harbored in Moldova Veche.

Drills were planned to detect and neutralize sea mines, also to train crews for reconnaissance of the Danube shore and to familiarize them with particularities of the Romanian ports.

Romania is the only NATO country with a military flotilla on the Danube.

The main mission of the "Mihail Kogălniceanu" Flotilla is to ensure the security of Romania's communication routes and river border, for the free movement of goods and persons. 

Commander Marian Râşnoveanu: "We are the only ships of this type on the Danube. Taking into account the current context and the border with other non-NATO countries, the proximity to Russia, we cover each year the entire Romanian Danube sector – we also attend each year military shooting drills at Sfîntu Gheorghe - starting from the point the Danube enters Romania, at Baziaş, until it sinks into the Black Sea".

This year, for the first time, the Romanian Danube Flotilla will perform a joint exercise with Ukraine. 

Commander Marian Râşnoveanu: "We have a good-neighborly relationship, given that we have a common border with Ukraine and following last year’s visit and the meeting of the Heads of General Staff of the two Marines - Ukrainian and Romanian, this year we have scheduled for September a bilateral exercise with the Ukrainian Navy".

The two ships of the Romanian Danube Flotilla will end their training mission on Wednesday, May 16, when they will arrive in Brăila Military Port.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


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