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Sorin Solomon

11 Iunie 2013
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Consumer prices of population increased with 0,23 per cent compared to the previous month, while the annual inflation rate up to 5,32 per cent, according to data announced by INS.

Prices of potatoes and fruit increased inflation


Foto: Arhivă.

Potatoes and fresh fruit rose by the most in May compared with the previous month, while the price of potatoes has climbed 21,41 per cent  and that of fresh fruit with 11,41 per cent , according to data published on Tuesday by the National Statistics Institute.

Overall, food rose by 0.8 per cent  in May, and at the beginning of the year food prices have surged by 2.26 per cent .

Compared with December of last year, the potatoes rose the most, with 40,71 per cent , and fresh fruit with 19,40 per cent .

The most significant price decreases were recorded at   eggs that have been cheapened 12,33 per cent  in May compared with April and 35.4 per cent  compared to the beginning of the year.

On the other hand, prices of manufactured goods fell by 0.1 per cent .

At this point, increases were recorded for clothing and footwear (+ 0,16 % plus 0.15%) respectively, household goods and furniture (0.12%) and worthwhile addition to the fuels (the prices decreased by 1%), cars and spare parts (dropping 0.17%), phone (0.9%).

At the beginning of the year, most rose tobacco and cigarettes-7,24%, and electricity and gas central heating-5,62%. Worthwhile were recorded-3,36% air transport and telephone-3,37%.

The National Commission for Prognosis estimates for this year, an average annual inflation rate of 4.3%, increase in consumer prices at the end of the year is expected at 3.5 percent, as forecast medium-term spring 2013-2016.

Industrial production rises

Industrial production increased in the first four months, compared to the same period last year, as gross series with 8.2%, and as the series adjusted according to the number of working days and seasonality with 6.3%, according to data released Tuesday by the National Statistics Institute.

The evolution was influenced by the growth of the processing industry (9.9% gross series) and extractive industry (7.3%).

Production and supply of electricity and heat, gas, steam and air conditioning have decreased by 4.8%.

"Big industrial groups have registered increases in most categories of goods: durable goods industry (+ 14.6%), capital goods industry (+ 13.1%), in intermediate goods industry (+ 10.3%) and current use goods industry (+ 5.5%). Energy industry decreased by 5.7 percent, "reads a communicate  of the INS.

In April, industrial production rose last month as both series and serial gross adjusted according to the number of working days and seasonality, with 4%, 1.9%, respectively.

Compared with the corresponding month of the previous year, gross series indicator was higher with 18.9% and adjusted with 8,5%.

Translated by
Denisse-Meda Bucura

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