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Sorin Solomon

22 Februarie 2013
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PNL has adopted the new statute and on Saturday will choose the boarding committee. PDL meets Friday and Saturday in the National Convention to vote on the election date.

PNL and PDL are reorganized and elect new leadership


Foto: Mugur Mihăiţă.

PNL has adopted the new statute, which provides for the establishment of the office of first vice-chairman, increasing the number of vice-presidents to 31 and choice on the list including the secretary general of the party.

Amendments to the staff regulations backed by Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu, Andrei Chiliman and Ludovic Orban including uninominal choice of members of the Permanent Bureau of the National Liberal Party and the PNL’s nomination for President of Romania, by the vote of all Liberals have never been subject to a vote.

Liberals meet on Saturday in Congress, to elect new leadership.

Saturday will be elected the president, vice presidents, senior vice president and general secretary of the party.

For a function of leadership will be able to run for the mayor of Sibiu, Klaus Iohannis, who is a member of PNL only 3 days, but who has received a waiver of seniority to be able to run for office.

It is possible for him to take up the post of first Vice President, restored at this Congress.

The PDL National Convention

Democratic Liberals are to meet Friday in the sitting director of the party, where they will decide the date of the election for leadership of the Liberals.

Until now they have announced his candidacy for this function Elena Udrea and Vasile Blaga.

The two candidates to head the party proposing different options for organising the National Convention.

Elena Udrea proposes participation of 10,000 delegates, while Vasile Blaga says that in Bucharest there are not meeting rooms with a capacity of more than 5,000 people.

Vasile Blaga sought the participation of current and former mayors and presidents of County Councils, while Elena Udrea wants Congress to be attended by as many of the current candidates, including county or local councilors.

At the same time, it asserts that changes in subsidiaries current party leadership can benefit.

"It's a reality people are appointed to the positions of interim Presidents having said that, the subject and predicate, that due to the current leadership of the party and function, therefore, believes that it is a gesture of gratitude to support the current leadership. So there are the statements of some colleagues who are at the forefront of organizations with interim status, "says Elena Udrea.

Friday's meeting of the governing College of the PDL, Elena Udrea will propose amendments to the statute, so as to be abolished the post of first vice president.

She wants the establishment of posts of regional Vice President, in line with the number of the regions resulting from the administrative reorganisation.

Translated by

Denisse-Meda Bucura

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