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26 Februarie 2020
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President Klaus Iohannis has announced on Wednesday that he has appointed Florin Cîţu as Prime Minister.

Iohannis appoints Florin Cîțu as Prime Minister


  Photo Agerpres

President Klaus Iohannis has announced on Wednesday that he has appointed Florin Cîţu as Prime Minister.

Klaus Iohannis: I concluded the session of consultations with the parliamentary parties and I think it is good to summarize, briefly, why we came again to consultations and again to appointments. The National Liberal Party set up a government that started to repair the things that were damaged. The Orban Government came up with a reform agenda, managed in record time to come up with a budget for 2020 and started to work on important things, among which a change of the law on the election of mayors and the local councils, to get closer to the citizen. This was not wanted by the Social Democratic Party (PSD). The PSD, which vehemently opposed the reforms promoted by the Orban Government, succeeded at that moment to gather a majority that passed a motion of censure through the parliament. I wanted to quickly unblock the created situation, so I convened consultations, I appointed a prime minister and, to the unpleasant surprise, the PSD began to delay the proceedings in the Parliament. Within 15 days, according to the Regulation, a vote should have taken place, but there was none and then I was at risk of a total blockade in parliament. To overcome this deadlock, Prime Minister designate Ludovic Orban has submitted his mandate. Today we have had consultations with the parliamentary parties. We do not want to block Romania, we want to go further and solve the problems of the country, to solve the problems of the Romanians. So, after consultations, I have now decided to make an appointment to move things so that we do not get stuck politically. I decided to appoint for the position of Prime Minister Mr. Vasile Florin Cîțu, currently Minister of Public Finances, who will, I hope, in a short time, will present before Parliament a Government team and program.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei

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