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4 Septembrie 2020
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Investigations into several cases of serious crimes in the last week



In the last week, investigations have been carried out in several cases regarding the commission of serious acts such as: drug trafficking, child trafficking, pimping, child pornography, trafficking of dangerous substances, counterfeiting of banknotes and computer fraud, said today the spokesman of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Monica Dajbog. During the mentioned period, over 100 people were arrested and 240 were detained.

Monica Dajbog: Among the large-scale actions of the last days, I remind you of the action carried out by the police of the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime - Anti-Drug Service and the Service for Combating Organized Crime - Maritime Ports, together with DIICOT, and resulting in the most important seizure of pills of captagon and hashish in the history of the Romanian Police - approximately 1.500 kilograms of hashish and over four million captagon pills weighing 751 kilograms. All seizures in this case are estimated at approximately 80 million euros, narcotics that have, thus, not reached the drug market in Romania and Europe.

Translated by: Radu Matei

Etichete 100 arrested240 detainedserious crimedrug traffickingchild traffickingpimpingchild pornographytrafficking of dangerous substancescounterfeiting of banknotescomputer fraud

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