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Radio România Cluj

8 Iulie 2020
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Gendarmes' recommendations to avoid a bear's attack



Lately, in the mountain area of ​​Maramures County, the Carpathian brown bear has started to make its presence felt more and more.

The mountain gendarmes from Maramures send to the citizens a series of recommendations that they should follow in case they meet the bear.

To avoid the attack of the brown bear, it is strictly forbidden to feed or approach the animal, for photographs or for other reasons.

Keep in mind that the bear will avoid you if you do the same; signal your presence so that the animal is not taken by surprise and can pass you. Be careful, loud noises or loud music can irritate him, and the smell of barbecue will surely attract him, even from 10 kilometers.

If the animal approaches you, try to look as big as possible by raising your arms above your head. Under no circumstances should you run away. The bear runs much faster than humans. By running, his hunting instinct will activate and then attack.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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