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27 Noiembrie 2019
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Event took place at Palace of the National Military Circle in Bucharest.

First edition of Romania-Egypt Defense Forum, in Bucharest


 Romanian Deputy Chief of Defense, Lieutenant General Daniel Petrescu

Romanian Secretary of State for Defense, Planning and International Relations Policy, Simona Cojocaru, and Deputy Chief of Defense, Lieutenant General Daniel Petrescu, participated on Tuesday, November 26, at the opening of first edition of "Romania-Egypt Defense Forum", which took place at Palace of the National Military Circle in Bucharest.

At the opening, Secretary of State Cojocaru reviewed the stage of Romanian-Egyptian bilateral military cooperation and approached the prospect of developing this relationship, defense component being a major pillar in cooperation with partners. Romanian official underlined progress made by the partner state in managing security situation in the region, as well as those in cooperation with the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union.

Lieutenant General Petrescu stressed the importance of developing, from a military perspective, a set of specific capabilities, in addition to conventional forces, that would respond to modern challenges, including with regard to emerging technologies.

Romanian-Egyptian Defense Forum is a joint initiative of the Romania-Egypt Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and the Commission for Defense, Public Order and National Security in the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, dedicated to cooperation in the field of defense and security, attended by representatives of the Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense Industry.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


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