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Alex Lancuzov

21 Octombrie 2020
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Construction begins on the DN 5 - Friendship Bridge connecting road



Today began the works for the construction of a new road of 6 kilometers and 4 lanes that will connect DN 5 Bucharest - Giurgiu and Friendship Bridge, at the most important custom house with Bulgaria.

The new road separates from DN 5 near ​​Oinacu, before entering Giurgiu municipality and the completion term is 2 years, with a 7-year guarantee.

Entrepreneur is a very good maker from Austria (PORR) who works on Lot 1 of the A1 Highway Sibiu - Pitesti. The contract value is 107 million Lei, non-reimbursable European funds.

Currently, the entrance to the border terminal is made both on the route of a County Road through Oinacu but also on DN 5 which also includes an unmodernized section, with problems on the road, poorly signposted but with heavy traffic.

Also underway is the contract for the Feasibility Study for the construction of the Giurgiu belt, a 12-kilometer variant that will bypass the city on the North-South axis.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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