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Adrian Lungu, Sălaj

15 Septembrie 2019
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Hungarian horthyist troops brutally killed 86 people in Treznea and 157 in Ip, children also, for the sole fact they were Romanians.

Commemorations of martyrs of hortyst massacres in Ip and Treznea


Commemoration of Treznea massacre, septembrie 2019. Photo: Adrian Lungu

Ceremonies commemorating martyrs of the atrocious massacres committed by Hungarian horthyist troops in Romanian villages of Treznea (86 killed, children and elderly, 14 September 1940) and Ip (157 killed, 9 September 1940), both located in Sălaj County, Northwestern Romania, gathered high attendance, including historians and cultural personalities. Hungarian horthyist troops killed all those people for the sole fact they were Romanians.

Participants at the commemorating ceremonies attended the special military and religious services, lit candles, laid wreaths and pointed out that such black pages in human history need not be repeated.

In the Autumn of 1940, immediately after entry into force of the Vienna Dictate, which stipulated annexation of North Transylvania to horthyst Hungary, Hungarian troops killed hundreds of Romanians from several villages in this part of the country, among which the most atrocious was the massacre in Treznea, where 86 people were brutally killed. 

PhD in History Marin Pop, Zalău County Museum of History and Art: Children, elderly around their 80s, newly born babies have been killed. Assassinations started September 9 at dawn. Inhabitants of Treznea were suddenly hit by gun beds, stabbed to death with bayonets. They started firing houses and shooting everyone they found inside. Our message is first and foremost that these events must be known, so that they will not be repeated. The life of the dead is preserved in the memory of the living. So, as long as we remember them, we will pass it on. What happened in Ip and Treznea need not be repeated, and we, our generation, have the moral duty to honor the memory of all the innocent people who have been killed at that time.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


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