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27 Martie 2018
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Message of President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, on the occasion of a century’s celebration of the union between Bessarabia and Romania.

Centenary of Bessarabia-Romania Union.Message of Romanian President



President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, on 27 March, conveyed a message on the occasion of the celebration of a century since the union between Bessarabia and Romania. 

„Today we are celebrating 100 years since the Declaration of union between Bessarabia and Romania. The decision adopted by the Sfatul Țării (the Country’s Council) in Chișinău was a political and patriotic act that does credit to the elites of that time and to all those who had been chasing this dream and had been struggling to meet it. This is one of those moments that will always define history, warming hearts and arousing consciences, generation after generation.   

Romania in the spring of 1918 was marked by a severe military situation and was exposed to a difficult international background. Nevertheless, in moments of hard decisions, facing threats and risks from its closest neighborhood, with no conditioning or paying back expectations, Romania provided Bessarabia with protection. Through the democratization and economic reform projects promised by the Romanian Government in 1917, the union on 27 March 2018 meant for Bessarabia not only meeting the national ideal of the Romanians from the two banks of the Prut, but an attractive project for the future, a feasible alternative for the depressing  perspective of Bolshevism.    

The policy makers of 1918 proved they had realized the meaning of the opportunities offered to them by history and by the international background of that time as a chance for fulfilling the Romanians’ aspirations. There is a common feature of all Romania’s great achievements of the last century and a half: they were fulfilled by connecting our projects to the great European processes, through assimilation by the society of the western humanism values. This happened during the Great War, this also happened in the year of the Great Union that started with unifying Bessarabia with Romania. 

The act of a hundred years ago is not only the origin of remembrance and gratitude of our forerunners, but a permanent source of inspiration in the need to the continuous developing and deepening the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the Republic of Moldova for the Republic of Moldova’s integration into the European Union.   

Nowadays, our convergence point is called the European course of the Republic of Moldova, for whose success our country offers a consistent and permanent diplomatic, financial and technical support. Romania has also the duty to further represent for the Republic of Moldova a model of a nation committed in the European project, the example of a competitive economy, of a society capable of cherishing and reaping the full potential of its human resource. In this project, I am convinced that we are able to rise to the occasion we are celebrating today!” 

Source: Romanian Presidential Administration


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