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30 Decembrie 2018
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Unidentified people accessed the system devices.

Bucharest traffic lights hacked


Photo: Pixabay

Bucharest General City Hall claims that certain individuals have altered traffic lights running cycles.

Representatives of the Municipal Traffic Management Company, as operators of the traffic light system in the capital, filed a criminal complaint last night, following access of unidentified people to the system devices, that took place on Friday and Saturday and could have had particularly serious consequences.

More specifically, it was found that the cabinets containing the routing machines at the intersection at the Titan 

Polyclinic were opened, although they do have safety systems, and other diagrams have been introduced, different from the certified ones, which set the times for the red and green colors of the traffic lights.

First such action took place two days ago, when problem has been resolved quickly, system has been technically verified and any error has been ruled out.  Yet same thing happened yesterday too.

If the Traffic Management Company teams did not intervene, there would have been high risk of producing particularly serious road accidents, for example, traffic lights could have displayed the green light for all directions.

Titan Polyclinic area is equipped with several surveillance cameras, and specialists are now working on identifying people who have intervened in the traffic lights system equipment.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


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