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13 Decembrie 2017
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Bell Helicopter intends to transfer production line for attack helicopters from Texas to Braşov.

Bell Helicopter production line could be transferred to Braşov



Production in Romania of the attack helicopters for the Army could be carried out in Braşov. Talks are being held with the U.S. company Bell Helicopter to build these aircraft in Romania. According to military sources, Bell Helicopter intends to transfer its production line for attack helicopters from Texas to Braşov.

It is a new important decision for the endowment of the Romanian Army, after the acquisition of Patriot Missile Defense Systems and the construction of Piranha V Armored Wheeled Vehicles at „Uzina Mecanică” in Bucharest. This type of armored wheeled vehicle has a similar protection to that offered by the Striker armored combat vehicle.

Documentation is also being prepared for the acquisition of four corvettes where an offset option is envisaged, to include revitalizing of the two Type 22 frigates of the Romanian Naval Forces.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


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