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Sorin Cealera, Constanța

9 Septembrie 2021
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A Canadian military unit has started its Air Police mission in Romania



A detachment of the Royal Canadian Air Force began its mission of Reinforced Air Police under NATO command in Romania, together with soldiers of the Romanian Air Force. The mission takes 3 months.

Canadians in their fifth rotation at the Mihail Kogalniceanu Base, received NATO certification.

Six CF-188 Hornet aircraft of the Royal Canadian Air Force will carry out Air Police missions, together with the F-16 Fighting Falcon and Mig-21 Lancer aircraft of the Romanian Air Force.

In the presence of the Canadian Ambassador to Romania, Ms. Annick Goulet, and the Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Defense, Ms. Simona Cojocaru, the Canadian detachment, consisting of 140 soldiers, officially received the certification from NATO.

Commander of the NATO Combined Air Operations Center in Torehon, Fernando de la Cruz:

Fernando de la Cruz: There are always situations where we need to quickly activate the alert to intercept foreign aircraft. That is why we are here, to provide security for NATO states. We are always ready to react to any situation that requires our intervention.

This is the fifth time the Canadian Air Force is in Mihail Kogalniceanu Base.

The commander of the military unit deployed in Romania, lt.col. Kori Masck:

Kori Masck: It's the first time I've been here, it's a great experience. I saw what Romanian hospitality means. It is a great chance to work together in air police missions, but also in training. We will be ready to respond, together with our partners, to any non-NATO aircraft that enters the airspace of Romania.

Since 2014, Romania has been collaborating in the execution of air police missions with military units from the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Canada.

Translated by: Radu Matei 

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