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Miruna Matei

25 Octombrie 2018
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Romanian Armed Forces - a true ambassador for Romania’s image worldwide!

25 October - Romanian Armed Forces Day


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Romania celebrates, each year on 25 October, the Day of the Romanian Army, widely marked across the country. This day signifies the date of complete liberation of north-western Transylvania from foreign ruling and administration. Nationwide and foreign missions celebration include official speeches, solemn ceremonies, military parades, wreath-laying ceremonies and army memorials.

Romania’s Army takes part in various international humanitarian missions or in missions meant to combat terrorism or support peace.

In compliance with the commitments deriving from the international treaties, agreements and memoranda whose signing party is, Romania had contingents of different sizes from all services – Army, Air and Naval Forces – available to multinational coalitions authorized to carry on peace support, humanitarian assistance, coalition, collective or individual operations in the framework UN, NATO, OSCE and EU-led Observing, Monitoring, Liaison and Training teams.

The 23 years of contribution to foreign missions meant for the Romanian Armed Forces the maintenance, almost continuously, of a military force of variable sizes, integrated into UN, OSCE, NATO and EU missions carried out in Africa and Asia, in the theatres of operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Western Balkans. All these years, almost more almost 40,000 Romanian troops took part in different operations and missions out of national borders, gathering a valuable professional experience extremely useful in the transformation, operationalisation and interoperability enhancement process of the Romanian Armed Forces with their NATO and EU counterparts. 

Romanian Armed forces wisely and skillfully planned their combat forces to fight the war on terror far away from the national borders, proving their capability and determination to fully carry out their missions. In spite of the financial restrains induced by the worldwide economic crisis, Romania remained consistent with its commitments to support the international community in the fight against terror.

The contribution of the Romanian troops to the collective defense, peace keeping and restoration missions to enforce the stipulations of the UN Security Council Resolutions, of the international legislation and law reveals that the Romanian state complies consequently and in full faith with the commitments agreed with the allies and partners, according to the international legislation and treaties whose signing party Romania is.  

By performance and professionalism, dedication and determination, the Romanian Armed Forces make the good appearance, after 23 years since the first contribution to a UN-led foreign mission, of a reformed and solid organization, interoperable and compatible with the armed forces of the other NATO and EU Member States, an active security generator, a major contributor to the fulfilment of the international commitments agreed by the Romanian state. 

Romanian Armed Forces - a true ambassador for Romania’s image worldwide! 

Courtesy of Romanian Embassies abroad


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