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Miruna Matei

1 Aprilie 2018
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Catholic Easter has been marked by impressive religious ceremonies across Romania. Orthodox Easter is on April 8.

1 April: Catholic Easter, Orthodox Palm Sunday


Photo: Cathedral in Bucharest.

Catholics all over the world have celebrated Easter on April 1, same day when Orthodox believers have celebrated Palm Sunday, a week ahead the Orthodox Easter.

Aside of torchlight processions and major religious services in all Catholic communities across the world, one of the most expected and most important event has been the special Easter Mass at St.Peter’s Square, where, amid heavy security, hundreds of thousands of people gathered to listen to the speech and message of Pope Francis, on Christianity’s holiest day, who delivered the Urbi et Orbi (to the city and to the world) blessing at the end of the Mass.

RRA Correspondent in Rome, Mona Constantinescu, who followed the Catholic Easter events, reported that the Pontiff made a saddened reference to those who choose power, money, war or conflicts, praying for the weak, the isolated, the migrants, the poor, and on the other side he praised all those who shed a light on people’s lives, encouraging, helping out, bringing peace and hope. “Christ’s resurrection is the true hope of the world”, Pope Francis said.

In Romania, Catholic Easter has been celebrated in Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj, Timisoara, Constanța, Târgu Mures and all the cities with catholic communities.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and his wife Carmen have attended the religious service at the ‘Holy Trinity’ Roman-Catholic Church in Sibiu. President Iohannis conveyed good wishes to all Romanians, both to those who celebrate the Catholic Easter and those who celebrate the Orthodox Palm Sunday. “I wish all those who celebrate Easter today to welcome the Lord’s Resurrection with joy and peace of mind. Christ is Risen! A good thought goes to those who celebrate the Palm Sunday, along with a warm ‘Happy anniversary!’ to those who celebrate their name day”, Iohannis wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă also sent a message for those who celebrate the Catholic Easter and the Orthodox Palm Sunday. “Today it’s a day with double meaning for the Christians: the Catholic Easter and the Palm Sunday for the Orthodox believers. I wish to all Romanians who mark these celebrations good health, peace and happiness next to their families and beloved ones on this holy day!” reads the Prime Minister’s message.

Catholic Easter traditions and customs

One of the most common Catholic Easter traditions is to bring baskets with food at the church to be blessed by the priests on Easter day. According to this tradition that dates back in the 15th century, Catholic believers put Easter cakes, red painted eggs, bread, meat, chocolate and wine in the baskets covered with white towels.

Similar to Orthodox traditions, Catholics paint eggs or tap the eggs to see which one has the strongest shell. The predominantly color for Easter eggs is red, but other colors like yellow, green or blue are also used.

Orthodox Palm Sunday (Floriile

More than 1.3 million Romanians celebrate their name day on Palm Sunday (Floriile, in Romanian), a day marking the triumphal entrance of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, where he was greeted by believers holding olive branches. 

Palm Sunday opens the week for Easter preparations, the so-called Holy Week, after the 40 days of fasting. 

On this special Sunday, people who go to church return home with blessed willow branches and hang them on the doors, gates or on icons in the house.


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