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16 Ianuarie 2021
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Some EU countries claim to have received fewer Pfizer vaccines



One-third of European Union countries claim to have received significantly fewer Pfizer vaccines after the US company slowed deliveries. Pfizer explained that it is a temporary problem, related to the increase of production capacity, but 6 European countries say that the situation is unacceptable, because it affects the credibility of the vaccination.

Romania is also affected by the situation, but the immunization campaign will continue - assured the authorities, the number of daily vaccinations, however, will be lower than the over 16.000 that were done so far - explained the Minister of Health, Vlad Voiculescu.

Vlad Voiculescu: At the moment, we have a reserve, which, on the one hand, provides us with the second doses of vaccine needed by those who have already been vaccinated with the first one and we also have a reserve of about 100.000 of vaccines. With this reserve and the vaccinations we still receive, we can move on, but not at the speed we would like. I mention, once again, the main problem we will have in the next period will not be the speed with which we vaccinate, but will be the number of vaccines. This is not Romania's problem, it is a problem at European and global level.

For Romania, the reduction in the number of doses will be almost 40% in the next 3 weeks, but, subsequently, the delivery rate would be intensified. By September, we will have received 20 million doses, which should ensure the immunization of 10 million Romanians.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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