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29 Septembrie 2018
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Bucharest-Brașov Highway, development of tourism infrastructure or energy cogeneration centers, and promotion of tourism are among the most important common projects.

Bucharest-Brașov-Constanța Development Association becomes operational


Mayors of Bucharest, Brașov and Constanța have decided to form a Development Association to access non-refundable European grants for local, regional and national projects, and to set common plans for tourism promotion. 

According to RRA correspondent Nicolae Jalea, constitutive act and status of the Association were signed in Brașov on September 26. Association targets a better management of European funds and a more efficient use of them at regional level.

Mayor of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea: Together we will be able to access European non-reimbursable funds in several areas of activity and I mention the most important - development of tourism infrastructure, energy cogeneration centers, social centers, exchange of best practices, common promotion in the field of tourism.

Mayor of Constanța Decebal Făgădău targets an enhanced interconnectivity between the three cities and Mayor of Brașov, George Scripcaru, considers the Bucharest-Brașov Highway as the most important project.

Mayor of Brașov George Scripcaru: Due to the fact that Brașov is placed in the center of the country, people transit the area on a daily basis and this is something that we have to take advantage of. There are common areas that we can develop together, make common approaches, and this Development Association is very important at national level.

Braşov-Bucharest-Constanţa Development Association was designed based on a European scenario, to facilitate development of infrastructure investments and common cultural projects, says RRA correspondent Nicolae Jalea.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


Etichete Axa de DezvoltareBraşov-Bucureşti-Constanţafonduri europeneeficientizarenivel regional.

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