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Iulian Chifu: Romania has the ability to control its borders

Issues that Romania has to manage during its rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union include migration and the European Elections scheduled for this spring.

Iulian Chifu: Romania has the ability to control its borders
Analistul Iulian Chifu, în studioul Serviciului de noapte cu Maria Țoghină

Articol de Luminiţa Voinea, 31 Ianuarie 2019, 19:25

Romania is not a target for the waves of migrants, plus Romania has the ability to control its borders, says foreign policy analyst Iulian Chifu.

"Romania is not a target for migratory waves. Routes toward the EU do not cross Romania. Secondly, Romania has the ability to control its borders and does that very well, using EU alert systems, cooperation with neighboring states and a very good relationship, strategic partnership with Turkey. Corridors targeting Romania functioned rather in relation to the Serbian region, but still targeting entry into Hungary. I could say in small nuances that Europe does no longer have the problem of migrants", said Iulian Chifu, President of Center for Conflict Prevention and Early Warning, at Radio Romania "Night Service" show produced by Maria Toghina.

Elections in Republic of Moldova "should reflect citizens' will"

Romania supports the European path of Republic of Moldova, as long as the pro-European vector will be maintained and the authorities will re-connect to the European Union, Iulian Chifu said.

Analyzing parliamentary elections in Republic of Moldova, Chifu pointed out that these should be correct and reflect the citizens' wish and vote. "In Republic of Moldova, main issue is that elections are fair, transparent, legal, and that there are no administrative interferences in the electoral process, that is results have to reflect the will and vote of the citizens. Romania, through all its documents, supports the European path of Republic of Moldova. As long as these elections result in a pro-European government, as long as the pro-European vector is maintained, while the Moldovan authorities will re-connect to the EU and will launch these European reforms at a faster pace, Romania will be able to help directly Republic of Moldova, at an institutional level, at an extended level", Iulian Chifu stressed.

Challenges of European Elections

Iulian Chifu also spoke at the "Night Service" about the European Parliament elections, estimating that after the vote to take place this spring, the majority in the European Parliament will not be made up of just two parties. ALDE but also European Greens appear in the equation, with chances to enter future European parliamentary majority.

As for Eurosceptic and anti-European parties, they could get up to 40% of the votes, according to estimations. "For Eurosceptic and anti-European parties, the rating is around 30-35, up to 40%. Which means that in the future European Parliament we will have a Eurosceptic group and an anti-European parliamentary group, and the majority can not be achieved by only two parties - European People's Party and Party of European Socialists - other European parties will be added. ALDE may be the third one to create the majority, maybe the Greens too", Iulian Chifu stressed at the" Night Service" Radio Romania show, produced by Maria Toghina.