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Adriana Turea

3 Iunie 2012
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The Minister of Health says that several hospitals closed last year will be checked and if they have enough equipment and staff will be reopened.

Some hospitals closed last year "could be reopened"


Photo: Agerpres archive.

Some of the hospitals closed last year due to they were deemed ineffective might be reopened.

But the process is not simple, so the Ministry of Health checks if the local authorities have the resources and if the conditions are achieved in terms of provision of equipment and medical personnel.

Last year 62 hospitals in the country were closed because they were considered ineffective.

Hospitals closed a year ago because they were considered inefficient, open if they sufficient have equipment and staff.

Local authorities will decide whether they reopen or be transformed into multifunctional centers.
"The solution proposed is that in areas where hospitals are ineffective, do not justify their existence, to establish those multifunctional health centers, there are clinics in a more complex way, with the possibility of a day hospitalization, emergency medical assistance, investigation.

"I asked from all state health departments the situation of these hospitals and we have centralized these data; we found, in proportion of about 30 percent , that these hospitals have an adequate endowment of a hospital of at least four grade," said the Minister of Health Vasile Cepoi.

Hospital expenses "will be checked"

Buftea hospital will be reopened next week with a new structure and with fewer beds.

Notice of operating also has the wellness center in Băneasa from Constanța County, which will be reopened as the health minister said. Also the Hospital of Bumbesti-Jiu, Gorj County, has good conditions of accommodation, but there is a human resource problem.

Ocna Hospital of Mureș, Alba County, is a matter of dispute, and at Darabani, Botoșani County, a reply is expected in the coming days.

Many local communities have requested the reopening of closed hospitals, because those parts of the country were left without medical assistance.

For example, over 30,000 people in southern Vâlcea County are in this situation after the dissolution of Bălceşti hospital, where a man died in front of the medical unit in the closing day.

The hospital has been transformed into permanent center, only on paper, because there is not the required medical personnel.

Starting Friday, 52 county emergency hospitals and from the capital will be checked in terms of public spending - health minister has announced.

Translated by Alexandra-Diana Mircea
MTTLC, Bucharest University

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