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Florin Lepădatu

9 Octombrie 2021
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Parents request online classes



RADIO ROMANIA NEWS - Parents ask the authorities to reintroduce online courses when the infection rate with the new coronavirus exceeds the threshold of 6 cases per thousand inhabitants.

The call comes in the context of the increasing number of coronavirus cases in schools. Currently, the closure of schools is no longer directly linked with the number of cases in a locality.

Reporter: Constanta Comanici - "Through a document sent to the Ministries of Education and Health, the National Federation of Parents points out that there are deaths among teachers and children, that intensive care units are full and that, in these conditions, although they have always supported school with physical presence, the health of students and teachers should not be endangered.

Parents say that there are already over 17.000 students and education staff confirmed with COVID-19. We remind you that, at the end of last week, the two Ministries have shocked everyone with the joint order that unlinked the way in which classes are held, physically or online, with the coronavirus infection rate over 6 per thousand inhabitants.

According to a provision applied in the last five days, a school or a kindergarten closes and switches to online education when half of the classes or groups have their activity suspended due to confirmed cases of coronavirus."

Translated by: Radu Matei

Etichete SchoolNational Federation of Parents

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