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30 Noiembrie 2020
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Mass vaccination will take place "in the spring"



The slight reduction in the spread of the new coronavirus in the last week is one of the first effects of recent measures imposed by the authorities, says President Klaus Iohannis.

He urged the population to strictly follow the rules of health safety in this mini-holiday and, in general, until the arrival of the vaccine.

The first stage of immunization will include medical staff and vulnerable people, and mass vaccination of the population will most likely occur in the spring, said President Klaus Iohannis.

Klaus Iohannis: It is quite likely that the first vaccine tranches will come early next year. The "shipment" will continue until they are all delivered, but mass vaccination will probably take place in the spring. This means we can think that somewhere at the beginning of the year, January-February, this being the best scenario, we will have our hands on it. There is still no approved vaccine, but it seems that it is close. The first people that will benefit from it will be the medical staff, and then maybe by the end of spring we will finish the first round of vaccination for everyone.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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