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Florin Lepădatu

27 Iulie 2021
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Hunedoara Energy Complex is preparing for reorganization



RADIO ROMANIA NEWS: All of the almost 1.500 employees laid off from the Hunedoara Energy Complex end their notice on Monday and become unemployed on Tuesday.

The company is preparing for reorganization, a process that will be a difficult one, given that all four mines have problems to which is now added the lack of staff.

RRA correspondent Ilie Pintea transmitted: "Out of the 4.000 employees of the Hunedoara Energy Complex, 662 employees of the Mintia thermal power plant and 815 employees of the mining operations opted for collective dismissal. They will receive 10.000 euros by August 15, granted in a single tranche, but until then the special administrator Cristian Rosu wants to start the reorganization of the company. This procedure means first of all the detachment from the Mintia thermal power plant, which practically has no employees today. The unit could be taken over either by Hunedoara County Council or by one of the buyers that showed interest in it. The company's situation is disastrous, because the four mining operations produce coal for a maximum of two days per week at the Paroseni thermal power plant, and the unit has no energy to sell. Despite the record prices on the market, the Hunedoara Energy Complex cannot generate revenue because all four mines together produce insufficient coal."

Translated by: Radu Matei

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