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Stelian Radu-Cacuci, Oradea

10 Februarie 2011
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15 border officers and customs officials at Naidǎș border crossing point received warrants for 29 days.

Head of Customs, indicted by National Authority Directorate


Border crossing from Romania. Photo: Agerpres Archives.

15 border officers and customs officials at Naidǎș border crossing point received warrants for 29 days.

Court of Appeals’ Magistrates judge proposals submitted by National Authority Directorate prosecutors for preventive detention of the other border officers and customs officials from the country's western border points.

So far, 60 border officers and customs officials have been detained.

All persons involved in this corruption case are accused by prosecutors of bribery and accession to an organized criminal group.

According to the National Authority Directorate, from October 2010 to January 2011, border guards and customs officials have worked together to raise money came from bribery, not to denounce the crimes or infringement committed by persons who trafficked cigarettes or alcohol made in Serbia by crossing Romania's state border.

The head of the Customs National Authority, Radu Traian Mǎrginean, was quoted at the Oradea National Anticorruption Directorate and indicted by the National Authority Directorate for bribery in Halmeu file.

One of his lawyers said the chief of Customs has no involvement in the event of Halmeu border and refused to nominate the charges brought to his client.

Last week, in Halmeu case, three people received warrants, after they were arrested by Satu Mare National Authority Directorate prosecutors.

According to prosecutors, in September 2009, one of the defendants claimed and received from an employee woman of Halmeu customs office 130,000 Euros to delegate her, under the influence he had on the Customs National Authority chief, Radu Traian Mărginean, to the post of Halmeu customs office chief.

After the delegation has stopped in 2010, the same defendant claimed 300,000 Euros for reappointment.

In the same case, other persons are investigated as well, and in the research development are also involved National Authority Directorate officers of the Ministry of Administration and Interior.

The Court of Appeals Magistrates began discussing preventive detention proposals presented by prosecutors for the persons detained in the corruption case at Stamora Moraviţa and Naidǎș customs checkpoints.

Anticorruption Prosecutors have ordered the 45 defendants retain for a period of 24 hours. In these circumstances, the Bucharest Court of Appeal will decide on a proposal of preventive detention for 29 days.

Those arrested are 45 policemen and customs officials, including Naidǎș customs chief and Moraviţa police chief.

Another five suspects were let go from the National Authority Directorate, but banned from leaving the country.

They all are accused of bribery and organized crime group setting.

Translated by: Andreea Negrea
MA Student, MTTLC, Bucharest University.

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