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Cristiana Sabău, Bistriţa-Năsăud

22 Septembrie 2019
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Around 1,500 Saxons living in Romania and abroad gathered in the City of Bistriţa (northern Romania).

29th Meeting of Saxons in Bistrița


    (photo: Cătălin Stan )

Around 1,500 Saxons living in Romania and abroad gathered in the City of Bistriţa (northern Romania) on Saturday and Sunday, to attend the 29th Meeting of the Saxons. Event - under the motto "Together-Commemorate-Building" – has had cultural events, book launches and concerts.

Meeting in Bistrița has commemorated 75 years since exodus of 40,000 Saxons from Bistrița-Năsăud. They and their relatives settled in Austria and Germany.

-: Memories are those that bring us here. I lived here for 25 years, also that lady who is now aged 80. (…) I am sorry we left our homeland, our village with the church and the cemetery where the whole family is buried.

Reporter: Do you feel that Romania is your homeland?

-: Yes, it's still my homeland.

Reporter: Most of the Saxons are old.

-: I thought I would never see Bistriţa again. For 50 years I have been an emigrant. I come with great pleasure to my hometown.

Reporter: Priest Johan Dieter Krauss of the Evangelical Church:

Johan Dieter Krauss: Homeland? That's just one. Some talk about the new homeland there in Germany, but I don't think there is a new one. The homeland remains the one where your cradle was.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei

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