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14 Septembrie 2020
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Traffic Police found big problems in school areas



Damaged traffic lights, missing or damaged signs and a lot of arteries with erased markings in school areas in Bucharest - are the biggest problems found by the Traffic Police in the latest check-ups carried out in the areas of ​​educational units.

The Street Administration and the district town halls have received notifications to remedy these problems. Otherwise, sanctions will be applied that can reach 14.500 lei, stated for RRA, Andra Arsintescu from the Traffic Police Brigade from Bucharest.

Andra Arsintescu: 999 deficiencies were also identified, of which 476 refer to the signs missing, damaged or obstructed by vegetation, to the missing or degraded road markings - 425 being these, speed limitation devices, protection elements and other deficiencies, potholes and road bumps.

Host: In the new school year, the police will have a newly established special directorate called the School Safety Police, with 270 people nationwide, our reporter, Alex Lancuzov, transmitted.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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