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Paul Poteraşi

9 Iulie 2012
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Ecaterina Andronescu, Minister of Education, said that once 30 counties have reported complete results, ”on average, the situation is comparable to that of last year”.

The results of the Baccalaureate, "similar to those in 2011"

Ecaterina Andronescu, Minister of Education, argues that the results of this year are similar to those of 2011 is a proof that not all measures have been taken to remedy the situation from last year.
“Complete analysis should have been made, and they should have been tracked with mathematical periodicity. We expect all the results, after which we will start the analysis all landings.
“We will ask that to each level of the school have concrete measures with deadlines and responsibilities to resolve this situation”, Education Minister said.
Ecaterina Andronescu commented that so far only 30 counties have reported complete results, and "on average, the situation is comparable to that of last year”.
There are some counties that have grown beyond what we had last year and there are counties that have low compared to what it was last year. Iaşi grew by 14 per cent, Gorj increased by 11 per cent, Alba and Arges with 10 per cent.
A limit of five per cent increased Galaţi, Giurgiu, Tulcea and Vrancea.There are counties that have decreased significantly: Harghita-34 per cent, Botoşani-17 per cent, Sălaj -16 per cent, Constanta-12 percent, Covasna-12 per cent, Ilfov- 10 per cent “, supported the Minister of Education.
The results before resolving complaints from the upgrading in 2012.
Ecaterina Andronescu added that fell by up to 5 percent in upgrading Satu Mare, Calarasi, Sibiu, Buzău and Bacau.
The Minister of Education has announced that, upon completion of complaints, an analysis will be made on the three tiers- at the national level in the Ministry, then it will require that at the level of each County, high school to be concrete measures with deadlines and with very precise responsibilities.
Ecaterina Andronescu believes that the existence of surveillance cameras is not the main reason from the upgrading notes, but rather the inadequacies of subjects from what was learned during high school.
Inadequacy of subjects must be viewed with more attention.
“In math the topics designed for technological high schools were a difficulty higher than subjects in mathematics-computer science high schools, given that in these high schools the hours of mathematics are fewer ", explained the Minister.
Also the Secretary of State, Stelian Fedorca said that after seeing what topics were given to mathematics, he gave a forecast of 30 per cent of in upgrading in technology high schools, whereas these topics were very difficult.
When asked about the indistinguishable baccalaureate, Ecaterina Andronescu said that it is one of the solutions could be envisaged, but she does not want to move only as far as ideas approve and can turn it into a law project.
Harghita, from 67,41 per cent upgrading  at 30,25 per cent after the introduction of the boards
The results shown are those leading up to the submission of complaints.
The complaints are lodged on  July 9, between 8.00 and 12.00.
Resolving complaints will be between 10 and 12 July, and on July 13, the final results will be displayed.
Baccalaureate exam debuted on June 11 with the oral exam in Romanian. Language
In this sample there were enrolled over 172.000 candidates.
In 2011, after the resolution, the upgrading was of 44,47 per cent, the lowest in history.
Also last year there were introduced the surveillance cameras but they have not been installed in all counties.
Such a county was Harghita where the upgrading was last year one of the largest in the country, of 67,41 per cent.
This year following the introduction of the boards, before resolving complaints, the upgrading is only  30,25  per cent, according to the correspondent of Radio Romania Actualități, Angela Bârsan.
Traslated by Anamaria Petrache
MTTLC, Bucharest University



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